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Save energy and money with our specialized solar panel repair solutions!

Solar system upgrades

Already reaping the rewards of solar power and wanting to add more panels?

Have you got more space on your roof?

Have you installed a system with an upgradable inverter?

You can still receive STV government rebates on your new panels.

You can install up to 30% of your inverter capacity and still get government rebates and improve the effectiveness of your inverter during the less productive months of the year.

Solar PV Repairs can arrange a site visit to help you understand the process and give you exactly what you need. We can make sure that you are using your inverter to its full capacity to help you benefit even more from you solar installation.

Let the Solar PV Repairs experts help you out. With our exceptional knowledge and skills, we can upgrade almost any type of solar PV system. Our understanding of the latest industry standards enables us to improve the performance of your solar panel system without making you pay hefty amounts.

What Sets Us Apart

Client Focused Servicing

Solar PV Repairs is the trusted household name when it comes to fixing/repairing solar systems in Perth. We provide high quality custom solutions for a wide range of solar repair issues and ensure your project is completed quickly, professionally and…

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What Sets Us Apart  


Your solar panel system’s yield is as important to us as it is to you. We work closely with our clients to identify your needs, understand your issues and determine the best possible solution.


If your solar panel system is not performing properly, call us immediately to get it checked. We conduct a detailed, thorough inspection to ensure your system is free of defects and issues.


Think your solar panel system is having a negative impact on your roof area? Get it repaired with our trained staff. From maintaining solar panel systems to repairing roof leaks, roof leaks are never a problem with Solar PV Repairs.


When compared to clean solar panels, dirty solar panels generate nearly 15 percent less energy. This will not only have a negative impact on your solar panel system’s production, but will also affect your investment.


We utilize advanced tools and methods to take your solar panels down safely. At Solar PV Repairs, we don’t let solar panel systems become a problem for our clients. Let the Solar PV Repairs experts help you out.

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Save energy and money with our specialized solar panel repair solutions! Solar PV Repairs is the name you can trust for all your solar panel maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and inspection needs.