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Panel maintenance

Panel maintenance

The most common maintenance task for solar modules is the cleaning of the glass area of the module to remove excessive dirt.

After the modules have been cleaned, a visual inspection of the modules can be done to check for defects such as cracks, chips and discolouration. If any obvious defects are found, note their location in the system logbook, so they can be monitored in future in case further deterioration affects the modules’ output. In most cases the module output will not be affected.

Checking if panel wiring is clipped up and off the surface will prevent MC4 burnouts and cable rubbing through exposing live wiring.

In addition remember to check that clamps and installation of mounting equipment is safe.

Tilt kits and all frame-mounted panels should be inspected regularly. Many systems become loose after time and rust in Australia’s harsh weather. Don’t wait till your system has blown off your roof during a storm.







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If your solar panel system is not performing properly, call us immediately to get it checked. We conduct a detailed, thorough inspection to ensure your system is free of defects and issues.


Think your solar panel system is having a negative impact on your roof area? Get it repaired with our trained staff. From maintaining solar panel systems to repairing roof leaks, roof leaks are never a problem with Solar PV Repairs.


When compared to clean solar panels, dirty solar panels generate nearly 15 percent less energy. This will not only have a negative impact on your solar panel system’s production, but will also affect your investment.


We utilize advanced tools and methods to take your solar panels down safely. At Solar PV Repairs, we don’t let solar panel systems become a problem for our clients. Let the Solar PV Repairs experts help you out.

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