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Damaged solar panels

Damaged solar panels, what to be careful of.


Solar cells have a cover made of protective glass that can be damaged by hail storms. An area that is prone to hail storms determines the kind of solar panels installed. Smaller solar cells are the best kind to install in such locations, even though they comparatively cost more. The benefit of installing smaller solar cells in areas prone to hail storms is that such cells are not as expensive to replace and less energy output is lost if damaged. Hail damage to larger solar cells result in more expensive replacement or repair costs and reduces energy output dramatically.


Water is another cause of damage to solar panels. The connections and seals around the solar panel will deteriorate over time, allowing water to penetrate cells and its connections. Periodically resealing the protective glass will ensure that water does not seep into the modules causing them to fail or lose their energy output. Water short-circuits the connections and moisture builds up on the solar cells limiting the energy output of the panels.

Rocks and Foreign Material

Broken or damaged solar panels can result from rocks thrown at the panels or falling debris from trees. This type of damage typically breaks the protective glass of the solar panel. Replacing the entire protective cover and assembly is the best way to repair this damage. Just replacing the glass can cause condensation to build up between the glass and upper surface of the cell, allowing moisture to get into the connections.


Damage to solar panels can also be caused by fire. There are reports that attribute some of this fire damage to the solar panels. Individual solar panels are connected together creating a high voltage line that can exceed 400 direct current (DC) volts. The wires get worn over time, animals damage the exterior of the wires or the wires are not installed properly and this can cause the wires to short-circuit creating a fire hazard. A home or building where solar panels are located can catch fire for a variety of other reasons and damage the panels can occur.










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