About Us

We have been serving the solar panel industry for the last 4 years. We are accredited with the Clean Energy Council. We are fully insured. We are constantly growing.

About Us

Solar PV Repairs is an integrated, fully insured solar energy solutions company. Taking pride in our team of trained, certified WA electricians, we are always ready to handle almost every type of solar PV systems to ensure their efficient performance. From regular maintenance to thorough inspection and to critical repairs, we’re committed to delivering you the results you expect from our side. We have worked for many of the major solar PV retailers in WA including Western Australia’s largest solar installer Westsun Solar. We offer industry experience you can rely on.

Why Solar PV Repairs

  • We have been serving the solar panel industry for the last 4 years – This gives us the knowledge and expertise we fully use to spot and resolve all the solar PV installations’ problems.
  • We are accredited with the Clean Energy Council – This accreditation gives us access to constant professional development and support to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.
  • We are fully insured – This makes us confident enough to handle almost all types of solar PV systems.
  • We are constantly growing – We develop new products and practices that not only are in accordance with the industry standards, but also match our clients’ needs and budget.

Our Commitment, Your Satisfaction

As we are recognized across the solar panel industry, it is our responsibility to maintain our clients’ trust in our services. We are open and honest during all phases of inspection, maintenance, and repair.

  • No false claims or gimmicks.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Professional and efficient workforce.
  • An effective step-by-step approach for every project.
  • Compliance with industry standards.
  • Fully insured services.

With our extensive network, we are currently serving WA with our solar PV maintenance, inspection, and repair solutions.

Want to know more about our services or get your solar PV installation inspected, checked, or maintained? Give us a call at 0459 997 778.