Welcome to Solar PV Repairs

Solar PV Repairs is one of the most established and specialised solar panel installation and maintenance platform in Perth. Offering a complete package of solar PV repair services, including installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and upgrades, we are trained to work on almost any type of solar panel. Like any other technology, solar panel systems have to maintained and repaired to ensure the best possible results. With our exclusive solar PV repair package, you can be certain that your system is in its optimal condition.

Our experience

When it comes to solar panel repairs and maintenance, none can compete with our expertise and service packages. We have the tools and technology you can trust.


Staying true to our claims, we deliver what we promise – efficient, functional, and durable solar panel systems.


Whether you want to get your solar panel system installed, repaired, inspected, or maintained, Solar PV Repairs has got all your needs covered.


Solar PV Repairs has been associated with the solar energy industry for many years. Our extensive experience has enabled us to expand our network and diversify our services to repair more systems and satisfy more clients.

What We Do

Are you getting energy for your home or office from the sun? Let Solar PV Repairs help you get more out of your solar panel system.

More Solutions

Our proficient workforce is trained to remove and relocate solar panels, relocate inverters, clean panels, make critical system upgrades, and do whatever it takes to restore your solar panel system’s efficiency.

Competitive Prices

With Solar PV Repairs, you don’t have to worry about costly services or ineffective repair procedures. We offer a cost-effective solution for all your solar panel maintenance needs.

Prompt Services

Our procedures are efficient, tools are advanced, technicians are trained, and services are prompt. All in all, Solar PV Repairs is the company you can safely partner up with.

Services We Can Offer

  • Checks and Maintenance

    Our technical workforce is trained to conduct thorough performance checks to analyse your solar panel system’s condition. These checks are followed by preventive maintenance if required.


    Removal/relocation of panels and system upgrades are our forte.

    Other Offers

    We, at Solar PV Repairs, remove, relocate, and clean solar panels and inverters to ensure your satisfaction. In addition to handling roof leaking projects, we rectify dangerous electrical systems.

    View our full range of services here.

Benefits of Maintaining Your System


Working Solar PV

A functional, fully repaired PV system is a huge investment.


Rebates, based on the power rating of your well-maintained solar panel system, help to settle capital costs.

Better Source of Energy

You get a renewable source of energy that you never run out of.

Improved Technology

Noise-free and pollution-free technological structure.

Efficient Solar Panels

You get solar panels that work at maximum efficiency.